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Kohler Bathtubs

Kohler is a company known all over the world for its beautiful bathroom and kitchen fixtures and design elements. One of the most popular items offered up by the company is their Kohler bathtubs. When you decide to take a dip in any of the Kohler bathtubs, you will not be disappointed. The company offers a wide variety of designs and styles. No matter what your personal taste might be, you will find one of the many Kohler bathtubs that will meet your needs.

The Kohler Company was the first company to manufacture the single piece built in bathtub – a bathtub that most of us take for granted. Believe it or not, before the single piece Kohler bathtubs, built-in bathtubs came in two separate pieces that needed to be put together when the bathtub was installed: the actual tub was one piece and the surrounding mounting fixture (the apron or “exposed side”) was the other. At the time, the single piece built in Kohler bath was considered revolutionary and it was this product that helped launch the Kohler bathtub into the national spotlight. Check Best Kohler toilet reviews here and if you are looking for any other best rated toilet, check here other toilets.

Today Kohler is a brand that is recognized all over the world. Cast iron Kohler bathtubs are recognized and wanted all over the globe and the Kohler Company is one of the top three bath product/plumbing manufacturers in the history of the industry!

One of the reasons that Kohler bathtubs remain so popular is that the Kohler company has grown, expanded and incorporated all of the latest bathroom and plumbing technology as it has come along. Unlike other companies that reject new technologies and materials, the Kohler Company has embraced new ideas and fostered creativity in the company designers. This is why the Kohler bathtub will never ever go out of style.

Kohler Bathtubs Technology

Kohler BathtubKohler bathtubs employ one of five revolutionary technologies: VibrAcoustic, Whirlpools, Bubble Massage, Effervescence and Baths. Today these types of bathtubs are taken for granted, but the Kohler Company takes these technologies and turns them into beautiful Kohler bathtubs that fit every style of home you can imagine. Whether you are looking for something plain and simple or like a fancier and sophisticated design, your Kohler bathtub will not disappoint!

Kohler bathtubs come in all shapes, sizes, colors and installations. Whether you are looking for a corner bathtub, a spa tub, a build in bathtub, a claw foot bathtub or something completely new, you can bet that Kohler will have a variety of Kohler bathtubs that will meet all of your wants and needs. This is something that the Kohler Company takes quite a lot of pride in offering its customers.

Round Kohler Bathtubs

Having a round Kohler bathtub in your home is like having an instant vacation at any time you would like it. For those of us that really enjoy soaking in the bath, there is nothing quite like the feeling that allowing this warm water to wash over you can bring. Perhaps you enjoy closing your eyes during this time and forgetting about the world for a while or you might like losing yourself in a good book. Regardless of what you enjoy doing in the tub, however, round Kohler bathtubs are some of the most popular and bring you some excellent options.

Although it is important for many people to stay within their budget whenever they are redoing the bathroom, you should also make sure that you set aside enough money in order to get one of the round whirlpool bathtubs that are really going to give you what you want. Some of these bathtubs can cost many thousands of dollars, but with all of the options that come included in all of them you are going to have something that will provide you with years of comfort and enjoyment.

An example of this is the Kohler Riverbath K-1394-H3-7. This is an excellent bathtub that is considered by many individuals to be top of the line. Far from being just the simple round soaking Kohler bathtubs, it is a 66 inch round, 25 inch deep item that is going to provide you with comfort more than simply soaking.

Because of the way that the jets are set up inside of this tub, it was made to mimic the rushing of a river and provide you with the movement of water which many people crave. Of course, you can always shut off the jets and simply soak in the tub for awhile, but this is one of those round Kohler bathtubs that provide options that you don’t want to overlook.

There are a number of other whirlpool bathtubs that Kohler has which are also excellent choices. Even the Riverbath tub comes in a variety of different sizes, even up to 75 inches. Of course, you can expect to pay anywhere from $6-$8000 for a tub of this caliber but most people that really enjoy taking a bath would consider it to be a wash, for lack of a better term.

Popular Round Kohler Bathtubs

Kohler Bathtubs 01Round Kohler bathtubs also come with a number of different optional items that you might want to keep in mind. For example, it is possible in many cases to install a shower in one of these bathtubs, although most people that enjoy using one of these higher end round Kohler tubs would not consider combining the two.

You also probably want to install some custom faucets and handles in order to upgrade the look to match your existing decor. Regardless of what it is that you want out of this round Kohler soaking tub, you’re sure to be able to get it and to enjoy using this tub for many years.

Kohler Proflex Whirlpool Tubs

When people decide that they want to install a whirlpool bathtub, the Kohler Proflex line, particularly the Kohler Proflex whirlpool tub is one of the most popular choices. These bathtubs are affordable, easy to install and versatile. There are a lot of different reasons that you can choose a Kohler whirlpool tub for your bathing needs.

Benefits of the Kohler Proflex Whirlpool Bathtub

1. Arthritis

People who suffer from joint, bone and muscle issues like arthritis and osteoporosis choose to install Proflex Kohler bathtubs because the massaging action provided by the Proflex whirlpool jets help to ease the pain and stiffness that these people suffer from on a regular basis. The whirlpool jets can be installed as back jets, shoulder jets or as adjustable jets. People who suffer from bone, joint and muscle issues generally prefer the adjustable whirlpool jets because they can aim the jets at the most problematic area. Doctors prescribe whirlpool bathing in hospitals. Installing a Kohler whirlpool tub at home is a way to expand the therapy and relieve pain between visits to a professional.

2. Internal Health Issues

When children are young, doctors recommend that parents hold the children in a steamed up bathroom to help clear up congestion. As the children grow up they realize that the benefits of hot baths can help relieve most cold and flu symptoms and offer relief from allergies and other internal health issues. The Kohler Proflex and Kohler Soaking Tub can help relax the muscles and promote circulation which can help keep congestion issues at bay.

3. Luxury

Many people save up their money for months because the idea of having a bathtub with whirlpool jets is a luxury that they have always dreamed of having. To be sure, the Proflex Kohler whirlpool bathtub provides a number of health benefits to those who need them. At the same time, there is nothing quite like being able to relax in your own whirlpool Kohler bathtub in the comfort of your own home. The ability to relax and unwind with a whirlpool massage is something many people dream of being able to do.

For people who cannot afford to install an entirely new tub, the Kohler Proflex line also has a portable whirlpool jet that people can hook up in their already installed bathtub. Or they can try the Kohler Tub Shower. This is a good idea for people who either already like their current bathing apparatus or do not have the means to purchase and install a brand new Kohler whirlpool tub.

Final Conclusion

Kohler Bathtubs 02It is important that you make sure that keep your Kohler whirlpool tub sparkling clean. That last thing you want is for bacteria or other harmful things to take hold in the jets and be blown straight at you when you are trying to have a relaxing bath! Proflex Kohler bathtubs come in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. No matter what your bathroom’s size or decorating scheme might be you will be able to find a Proflex whirlpool tub from the many Kohler Bathtubs available to suit your needs.

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